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galeria cano continues a fourth generation tradition devoted to the conservation and promotion of pre-columbian art. It manufactures and sells, under the trademark "Galeria Cano", the most accurate 24k gold-plated and 18k gold reproductions of the Eldorado pre-columbian treasures, as well as pre-columbian styled gold jewelry, precious and semi-precious stones. galeria cano has its roots in pre-columbian gold works, which are considered unique in the Americas and world-wide, because of the richness of its design, its inimitable artistic expression and the ideal representation of reality together with its mythical aspects. Its quality has been recognized by specialized publications like National Geographic and its designs have been praised by magazines like Elle, Vogue and Annabelle.

galeria cano carries on with the pre-columbian ancestral tradition of working with the world's best emeralds, in particular those from Muzo. The Muzo emerald is the most desirable emerald world-wide and its mines have been exploited since pre-columbian times, when the emerald was considered a sacred stone. The beauty of the colombian emerald, with its unique green color , finds its best expression in galeria cano, where one finds the perfect combination of its pre-columbian origin with the stone's excellence. With the finest semiprecious stones, among which one finds quartz, agate, jasper, onyx and amethyst, galeria cano renders a great variety of shapes and sizes, through a very delicate cutting, piercing and polishing process.

galeria cano promotes and sells the handicraft production of the colombian indigenous and rural communities, as well as that originated among the urban artisans. These handicrafts are created in natural materials such as clay, wood and leather and due to their top quality, they embody the essence of Colombia's ethnic and cultural values.

galeria cano's 100% pure colombian gourmet coffee, sold under its own trademark, is the end result of the most rigorous coffee grain selection, matched with a flawless roasting, giving it the world's best aroma, that which only 100% colombian coffee can provide.

galeria cano is eager, through its International Marketing Department, to work together with you, providing the best product and customer service available.

galeria cano designs are shipped world-wide, in attractive packaging materials. For further information and acquisition of galeria cano designs, please contact any of our offices.


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